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Senior Leadership - Minister & Elder: Support Worker


Paul and Joanne began their Christian lives at this very church many years ago. Paul began his ministry in the area of worship music in 2002 where he attended The Worship Academy for two years and studied under the mentorship of Chris Bowater and Andy Bromley. He worked and trained various musicians and singers in the local church and became involved in church leadership in 2005. Becoming a Pastor of a newly planted church in 2008, Paul attended Birmingham Bible Institute where he studied systematic theology over three years. He was ordained in 2013 and continued to Pastor, along with his wife Joanne, a growing church fellowship.

Joanne is very experienced in the church leadership role and currently working in the capacity of Church Support Worker; dealing with all aspects of church life and working hard to see new initiatives taking place to further God's kingdom.

Last year in 2014 Joanne and Paul were invited by the members of the church to come along with their existing congregation and minister at Coseley and were inducted in January 2015.

Bee Tang
Elder - Secretary
Dan and Claire Healey
Deacon - Music Producer & Deacon
Eleanor Speed
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