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'Pleased to meet you Helpline'

Instructions on joining Zoom Services

'Pleased to meet you' Helpline for isolated people


Dudley Council are promoting their 'Pleased to meet you' helpline on 01384 812761 where the Enabling Community Support Team as part of Adult social care can chat or find out about help in the local area. This will include help with arranging for delivery of emergency food and medication supplies or other essential daily living supplies, to be dropped off at peoples homes. For more information about Enabling Community Support call the number or email

Instructions on how to join our online 'Zoom' Church Service

Sunday Mornings @10.30am

Through the covid-19 pandemic we will be conducting our Sunday services electronically via the Zoom platform. This system is very simple to use and can be accessed online or by phone. As usual, our Sunday services will begin at 10:30am but you will be able to join from 10:00am  Please Note - You will need to be logged on prior to 10:30 as access closes at the start of the service time.


Joining Online

To join our services online, simply follow this link: 

The link is the same for all of our meetings. 

Zoom should open in your browser, but if not try downloading/installing the app and then try the link again.

The system runs through your computer’s audio system so headsets are not required.

As general advice for those joining online; try to avoid anything in the background which might use up your bandwidth e.g. if someone else in the house is using a streaming service you might find your connection to Zoom a little slow. 


Joining by Phone

If you prefer to join us by phone you can do so by phoning: 0330 088 5830

The call will be answered automatically, and you will be asked to enter the 'meeting ID' 

The meeting ID is: 9926382728  followed by the “#” key.

As with the link, use this same ID for all meetings. 

Please keep in mind that phone-ins will appear on your phone bill and be charged in the usual way for landline calls. This means that if you have a contract with inclusive minutes, the call will use up your minutes in the same way as any other call. If you use a landline or pay-as-you-go mobile you will be billed at the standard rate for landline numbers in the same way as any other call.


In the Meeting

On entering the meeting you will be put into a virtual ‘waiting room’ with a message that a host needs to add you into the meeting. The hosts will get an alert that you are in the waiting room and will add you into the main ‘room’ from there.


The audio and camera of everyone in the meeting except the speaker leading the service will be disabled. This means that everyone will see and hear the speaker, but you will not be able to see or hear anyone else and neither the other participants nor the speaker will be able to see or hear you. This is to avoid background noise affecting the entire meeting.


Having said that, at the start of the meeting we may briefly activate your audio and camera so you can confirm that you can see and hear the meeting. This may seem something like a school register!


In the near future we hope to use the breakout rooms feature to allow members to socialise and pray together via Zoom, but we are starting simple and building up as we all get used to using Zoom. Watch this space for further details for this.

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